10 Reasons why you should start your Personal Branding now

As stated before in my first blog post, Personal Branding is your public image. On paper, in person and online. The way you present yourself is very important. It’s what differentiates you from others, why people like you, or perhaps it is the reason why you did or didn’t get that job you wanted so much. Therefore I want to share 10 good reasons why you should start branding yourself now.

1. Authenticity
I believe that “Being You” is what matters the most. Staying true to yourself and believe that you have what it takes. People will ultimately see you for who you are.

2. Self-confidence
Re-inventing yourself is “to know you”. Which means you know all your weaknesses and strengths. When you use that knowledge to present the skills you’re good at and improve the less developed ones, you will gain more confidence.

3. Visibility
Branding yourself is putting yourself out on the market. Think of yourself as a strong master brand. Start selling yourself by exposing your qualities and talents. Be visible and likable.

4. Create trust
People need to know they can trust you. Whether it’s for example about making new friends or becoming a new staff member. You should be clear about what you stand for and live by it.

5. Competitive edge
By differentiating your signature, you establish a unique image that can actually compete with others.

6. Restore your image
You’re never too late to re-invent yourself. It might come in handy, when switching careers or when you aren’t feeling comfortable with your current image. By either changing your looks, actions, words or a combination of all, you can start to re-brand yourself and change peoples perspective.

7. Reinforce your professional purpose
Selling yourself. Your skills, your views, and behavior is important when you aim for example to be hired for that amazing job opening you came across.

8. Attract what you want
Turn big dreams into goals and objectives. Visualize it. Feel it. You have to see opportunities and go for them. Your actions will change as you are focust on getting what you want. People will notice. And might even be able to help you.

9. Grow your network
In order to have people connect with you, they have to know about your existence and that there are some mutual interest and benefits.

10. Manage it, or somebody else will
Be seen, be real and leave no room for other people to create a bad image to knock you down or make themselves more successful compared to you.

One of the oldest sayings is “First impression counts” and nowadays this is so relevant as we live in a tech savvy era. Almost everything we do or say can be found on the Internet. And probably even by your own doing, because selfies and wefies are still very popular. So, start thinking about what you post, what is publicly visible and how will this influence people about the way they see you. Does this represent YOU, the way you would like?

Start branding yourself now!

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