Yustine Alvares

Dress to Impress: My Fall 2017 Must-Haves

The common saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is very true. We shouldn’t judge people by just looking at them. However,… we still do! A first impression – when we don’t know the other person – is still based on what we see. And therefore, making the right impression while making an appearance in front of new people is still a stress factor for lots of women. [Read more]

The Amazing Benefits of Tea and 36 Surprising Ways to use it

I love tea. It’s so versatile. I can drink it the whole day. Hot or cold. After flushing down a glass of lukewarm lemon water (hoping to release all toxins from the night before and relying on its power to help slimming down), tea is my next fluid to start the day with. And it’s my last drink in the evening after dinner to relax and have a little zen moment on the couch. With six major tea types (black, pu-erh, green, red, white and oolong), there’s a lot to choose from. Did you know that tea has lots of great benefits and is even useful for non-drinking purposes? [Read more]

Catching the Eye

A year ago, I thought it was time for something new. I was, and am done with experimenting with my hair. I’ve had braids, long hair, short hair, high- and lowlights, a perm, had it bleached, colored different shades of brown…and one time I even dyed a part of it red. Really red! Combined with a simple eye makeup but lustrous red lips. Thinking of it now, that really made a signature look! Nowadays, I’m a bit more subtle. As you look closely at my profile picture, you’ll see I’m wearing colored contact lenses. It’s truly Catching the Eye! 🙂 [Read more]