Christmas Traditions


It’s one week before Christmas and traditions make Christmas time so special. I always enjoy this time of year so much. I love all the outdoor lighting. The wonderful food we probably eat too much of. Christmas shopping. Spending time with our loved ones and decorating the Christmas tree together. There’s always a special positive vibe in the air. Now, who doesn’t like that?


My Christmas Traditions

Christmas time is, in many families, a time full of traditions. I remember when I was a kid, decorating the Christmas tree was always “a thing”. A tradition of doing this together with the whole family, but also the time when something had to go wrong. Were it not the Christmas lights that gave my parents a headache, then it would have been that year when we forgot to tie up the tree on top and when we were almost finished decorating, our beautiful tree fell over! Glass was everywhere!

And of course the food…

On Christmas Eve, we mostly had a small dinner. Then we went to church for the night mass and afterwards, we ate again. In the morning a big breakfast and loads of gifts under the tree welcomed us on Christmas morning. During the day, we had some nice snacks and a cheese platter. Later that evening it was time to eat again.
A four-course dinner, where soup and a shrimp cocktail was the standard for many years as appetizers. And I will always remember that my dad was responsible for the dessert. Sadly he passed away some years ago, but that’s something I will always remember him by. A true family man and a dessert-lover 🙂

Lucky me, back then I could eat almost anything and not gain any weight. How I miss those days!

Nowadays, “what we eat” still plays a big role during Christmas time. And as I now have an almost seven-year-old running around, Christmas time is still as magical as it was before.

Christmas time in Indonesia

We have spent many Christmases in Indonesia, mostly Bali and Jakarta, and although we missed the cold, to get in the Christmas spirit is very easy. The Indonesians are very creative people and you can totally leave it to them to decorate everything nicely. Shopping malls are transformed into a Winter Wonderland with ice rinks and even falling snow. Christmas songs are played in almost every store, the staff is wearing Christmas accessories and total stages are build up in the main area to entertain their visitors with live performances.

Senayan City – Jakarta
Grand Indonesia – Jakarta
Mall Taman Anggrek – Jakarta

Many restaurants offer Christmas specials, so if you’re not in the mood to cook yourself then this is a great option. The downside, however, is traffic. If you made any reservations, make sure to leave the house in time. Traffic in Jakarta is bad, but there was even one time when we were in Bali and on our way to the restaurant in Seminyak when all roads were completely stuck with traffic, with people all going to their favourite restaurant. We had to cancel our reservation and head back home. What we ate that evening,…don’t ask me but it sure wasn’t very “Christmassy” otherwise I would have remembered, haha!

But anyways, if you do opt for a homemade Christmas meal, nowadays most grocery stores like Kemchicks, Ranch Market, Grand Lucky, Carrefour Hero and Foodhall (to name a few) offer good quality import food to make a Western Christmas dinner.

Playing MasterChef

This year I’m most probably the one in the kitchen too. Being known as a food lover, the big risk is that everyone directly bombards you as the cook. Well, I don’t mind. It gives me the opportunity to be creative with our Christmas menu, spend (some more) hours on Pinterest and go for extra shopping to stock up on everything we need.

…And then, all I have left is to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Enjoy the holidays and this special time with family and friends.

X Yustine

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  1. Fun traditions! I love that you added traditions when in Bali!! And foood!!! YES!! I love your idea of soup and shrimp cocktails for appetizers and someone else being in charge of the desserts. I might be implementing this in our Christmas traditions this year! Happy holidays!!!

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