Dress to Impress: My Fall 2017 Must-Haves

The common saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is very true. We shouldn’t  judge people by just looking at them. However,… we still do! A first impression – when we don’t know the other person – is still based on what we see. And therefore, making the right impression while making an appearance in front of new people is still a stress factor for lots of women.

Dress to impress

“What shall I wear? Pants or skirt? OK pants… Hmm, skinny or…. Pumps or boots? Oh and my hair… how should I wear it? Ponytail? Let it hang? Lipstick or gloss? Argh,… I need to go shopping! ” Sounds familiar?

There’s no denying that your outfit and looks sends a vital message. Its part of your “Personal Brand” – the first thing strangers, co-workers, clients, and (potential) customers will notice.

Find your own style

As Fall has kicked in, it’s a good time to check your closet, see if your outfits need any updates and determine if they still really suit you.

To do that is to actually understand and know who you are. What kind of personality are you? (More about this on next blog!) What’s your body type? Which skin tone do you have? Your outfit should reflect who you are.

Having confidence is key and will make you feel strong, comfortable and sophisticated. And to feel like that is to wear the right attire.

Dress for the occasion

Start evaluating the situation you are planning to go to. “Is it a formal or informal meeting? Is there a dress code or not?” 

But remember,…Never sacrifice your own style. You are YOU. So show who YOU are!

Ingela Ratledge from Real Simple shared some nice fashion guidelines, tips, and etiquette rules, that might come in handy.

My Fall/Winter must-haves

  1. You must certainly have sensed that the leather moto jacket is super popular nowadays. And I definitely want to score one! This style really suits me as it is so versatile. The jacket can define you as a “badass girl” if you wear it with a T-shirt, ripped jeans and sneakers, but it can transform you also in a “casual business babe” when you combine it with a blouse, high heels, and beautifully cut pants. Look here for 25 ways to wear a leather jacket. leather-moto-jacket
  1. Cardigans. I love them so much! They’re so comfy, yet very stylish. They go with almost anything, so for me, that’s a real must-have.cardigan


  1. I was always a big fan of high boots, but I quite like the ankle boots more nowadays as they are easier to combine with different outfits. So I’m definitely going to source for a new pair (or two).  ankle boots
  2. For business related or any more formal events, I would also need a stylish coat. Black, red or even green would do.  

black coat
red coat
green coat

  1. Like many women, I guess I will never have enough bags. My friend Rusi, who I met in Jakarta, has her own line of bags, clutches, and accessories called Rusi Designs.  And getting a bag from her is still on my list. I totally dig the “Sara bag” from the limited edition collection. Now I only need to decide which one! bags

What are your Fall must-haves that reflect your “Personal Brand“?

* All pictures are sourced from Pinterest.  Number 5 (the bags) is downloaded from rusidesigns.com

11 thoughts on “Dress to Impress: My Fall 2017 Must-Haves

  1. Fall fashion is one of my favorite seasons/styles, because there are so many options for layering cute pieces together. I love your suggestions of cardigans, ankle booties and the adorable coats. Will be keeping these pieces in mind when looking for new clothes this fall.

  2. This post is great timing as I’m badly in need of updating my wardrobe. I’m really into ankle boots as well this season! Think I need to make a purchase soon 😜

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