From Fat to…Let’s say work in progress!!


Sunday 10 pm:

Gym clothes ✔
Water bottle ✔
Headphones – charged.
Music –Quit playing games with my heart- DELETE; I am sexy and I know it- download #motivational songs.
And alarm set to 5:00 am; OK! Let’s be realistic here, I won’t wake up at 5 am, nobody can. What am I thinking?
Change alarm to 5:15 am, reminder1 at 5:30 am, and reminder2 at 5:45 am. I’m sure I’ll be up by then. Super charged up –one last cupcake (don’t know when I will eat another, now that I’m all serious about being fit) and all set for tomorrow. LET’S DO IT!!

Monday Morning

Phone screen-ASAlarm 5:15am
“Damn it, Shanks, switch off your alarm. It’s midnight.”
“Your phone you crazy woman”

Why on earth would I put an alarm for… 5.15am, what the heck!

Alarm 5:30am

The only thing preventing me from smashing this phone is the fact that it’s not a Nokia 3410, it’s an iPhone. Can’t afford to do that.

Alarm 5:45am
Why god why? Do you ever just wake up and go “NOPE – not today,” roll over and go back to sleep? Well, that’s what I did today. In fact, I do that every time I have to go the gym.

No problem, stay positive. I guess I’ll start with a diet first and exercise at home. That’s a good idea. I might as well sleep for another 10 minutes.

3 hours later

Aw shoot! What time is it? Tea time! Maybe I’ll make myself a sandwich before my little one wakes up. Healthy Sandwich.
OH, Nutella! Is this healthy? I don’t think so. But one teeny-weeny sandwich won’t do any harm and we all know it tastes delicious. I will work out after having it and will have a salad for lunch. #SameStoryEverytime.

It’s amazing how “CONSISTENT” I am on making a new ‘Fitness’ plan every Sunday, and skipping it every Monday. And, exercise at home? That’s a joke. Not happening.

It’s been 3 long years that I have been trying to get fit. Honestly, I have been trying for a very long time, but let’s just say after my son was born, that 5% of dedication I had vanished completely. Life is so different now. If I do get some time and have any energy left after cooking, cleaning, playing, answering 156 questions from my son as to why it’s NOT a good idea to lick food from the floor, and debating with my husband why BEER cannot replace water, I tend to want to do other things besides working out.

“Like what?” you ask? Like:
1. Eating,
2. Sleeping,
3. Just sitting and eating again and
4. Of course watching Bachelorette (Hey! You do get addicted to it. Ok, smarty! Let me be ‘COOL’– Game of Thrones- is this acceptable now? )

Have you all heard about the 80/20 rule of staying fit? So basically, 80% of your results are determined by the food you eat and 20% is exercise. Not just any food, NO NO-it has to be ‘HEALTHY ‘food. Now, I love food (obviously), but so-called “healthy food” and I don’t get along. We have given each other a lot of chances, tried solving our misunderstandings, but I just can’t stand the sight of it. On the other hand, CAKE is my best friend (forever). It has been there with me through thick and…..thick. During my happy days, not so happy days, rainy days, sunny days, bad hair days, other days…Cake has never ever let me down. How can I stop being loyal to it now? That’s not FAIR!

To do list-Asia Signature

You see, the number one problem I face is Self-Control. I just can’t muster the willpower to lose the unwanted weight. But I don’t blame myself entirely for not having good self-control. There are a lot of temptations out there to distract you and have you noticed how each part of our body is associated with food? BEER BELLY, COTTAGE CHEESE THIGHS, CHICKEN WING ARMS, MUFFIN TOP!! (Yummy! Muffin…. maybe I should get one)

This is what I’m talking about –TEMPTATION. Even if I don’t want to think about food, I am forced to think about it. NOT MY FAULT.

All right, no more excuses now, let’s get serious. I want to publicly commit to “Healthy Living”. Also, there are a lot of us out there who need that extra push, that extra motivation, maybe, a kick to get going. So, LET’S DO IT TOGETHER. Let’s eat healthily, exercise daily, and get fit.

What do you say? Pinky Promise?


Now if you will excuse me, I have a muffin to finish.


We start from Monday OK!!

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