Nutty Confessions

Nutty Confessions

JUST another day in my life!!

It’s 12.15 am and I have just finished marinating the chicken for the biryani (an Indian dish, generally made with spices, rice, and meat) for tomorrows brunch. The dishes are done, the kitchen is clean (sort off), toys… don’t have the patience to sort them, will just toss them under the coffee table and- voila- my house is in order.

cakeThis is the moment I have been waiting for – its time to reward myself. I deserve this, I have earned this. The time has come. A beautiful sumptuous, velvety, rich, dark, smooth, delicious chocolate cake is waiting for me and the best part – I get to eat this all by MYSELF.

WAIT!! I hear the door open. Something tells me it’s not good news. I wait as the footsteps get louder and louder. Within seconds I hear him scream, “mommyyy”. What? When? How? Why? Thoughts dart across my mind like bats chasing bugs.

I quickly hide my cake. Oh come on – don’t get all judgy- fudgy about this. You see, I share everything with my son. My food, my water, my bubble bath, my books, my pillow, in short, everything – in fact I also share my ‘Me’ time with him. He has already had his share of the cake. I specifically bought 3 slices of chocolate cake for each one of us. I understand sharing is caring but not always, and definitely not when a cake is involved and that too when it’s a CHOCOLATE cake.

How I wish he could just notify me in advance, stating his change of plans of NOT SLEEPING. You know, send an email, or just message me. (Ahh! Who am I kidding?)

It’s been a long, hectic day and I know I will have to overcome this obstacle. So, I remind myself to BREATHE! Breathe again and to keep breathing.

Now that I am trying to act calm I give myself 3 options:

  1. Cry and beg him to sleep (but he might think that’s a game and get more excited)
  2. Ask my husband to walk out of his dreamland and handle the situation (I already know that’s not going to happen) or
  3. Let’s just wear my imaginary super woman cape and prepare for the situation if I can’t control it.

As I mentally tick on option C, I quickly get him his favorite big puzzle from under the coffee table. He loves solving puzzles and I can see the excitement on his face. All I have to do is sit and watch him solve that puzzle. This is my strategy. He would get tired putting 110 small pieces together, which he usually does and then, say that golden word- “SLEEPY”. Maybe I should pour myself a glass of wine and just relax. (The cake still remains in the box. That’s not coming out. Nope!)

As I start smiling just thinking about it, I see him smiling too. No, it’s not a cute smile; it’s that devil smile which always scares me.

Avy“What is it buddy?” I ask nervously “You put the pieces together,” Is that an order or a request? I don’t know. “But why can’t you do it?” I’m trying to stay cool. “Because I am too tired,” How simple right, he is tired, so NOW I have to do it.

Oh, the joys of motherhood! I am regretting my so-called strategy. I don’t have the patience and energy to do this. Why is this happening to me?  Did he just read my mind when I said ‘relax’? Why is he still smiling at me? This is Karma, isn’t it?

As I put the pieces together, with instructions from a 3year old on how to solve a puzzle, I start thinking of Plan B.

OMG! I have got it.

“Do you want to eat a cake for breakfast? “

“YES!!” his eyes lit up.

“Then you need to sleep now,” he thinks for a while, and says, “OK let’s go.”

I just played my ‘Bribe’ card. Ya , ya-  I know it’s not good and you should never bribe your kids, go with the flow, be honest, read that ‘book,’ etc, etc, but HEY! The time is 1 am and I need to get this kid to sleep RIGHT NOW.

We (read I) put all the pieces back in the box, under the table and take him to his room. Some good music, few short crazy made up stories and within few minutes my boy goes back to sleep (happy dance).

It’s the end of another day.

As I fold my cape, I remember reading this somewhere “sometimes you just have to do what’s best for you”.

Now, where’s my Cake!!

22 thoughts on “Nutty Confessions

  1. Well written article Shruti, your personal experience is something all Moms go through…I could relate to everything …..eagerly waiting to read your next blog! 🤗

  2. I just loved reading your story and my dear ur always good at Plan A,planB think u shld come up with plan c 😘😍😍

    Seriously it’s very interesting …
    keep going

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