Ready, Set, Go! – My first blog post

Remember the moment when you decided that “This is the time to do it”. Wether it’s regarding an important phone call you have to make, talk to a certain person, switch careers or, in my case starting a blog. I’m Ready and Set to Go.

I’m very excited to begin my new venture, so I will explain why I’m starting my blog and what you will going to find here.

Right now I’m in my late 30’s and I noticed how I’ve grown as a person since my 20’s.
In the past I was very strong in writing things down, rather then to speak in public. However, through the years it changed and I became more powerful. One of my changes was due to the fact that during my work positions I had to do presentations in front of mostly large audiences, pitching ideas to other people and do more public speaking. This all helped grow my strength and the way people see me right now. I stand up, feel great and have more confidence. Take more challenges. Nowadays people look different towards me compared to the past and that’s a big personal succes. I’m proud what I have achieved.

And this is the key of my blog. I hope to inspire you to create your desired image. How people see you, your signature. That fits you and makes you happy. Your Personal Branding.

I use my professional skills in marketing, communication, media and branding to help you to develop yourself. Come up with tips to become your own brand and find your own secret recipe that can make you stand out. YOUR SIGNATURE! It’s a pro-active way of having control over how you are perceived by others.

And talking about recipes…this brings me to the other part of my blog.
How people look at you also depends on how you feel. Meaning, having a happy and healthy lifestyle will contribute your Personal Branding. That is why I also share my favorite recipes, places to go and things to do. All influenced by my Asian background, interests and aim to make you feel good and healthy.
[read more about me here]

So keep on reading my blog when you are interested in Asian or fusion food & drinks, hangouts, travel ideas, fashion & beauty, interior and sports.

I’m looking forward to see your comments on my blog and become a dedicated reader!

x Yustine

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