Shruti Parmar

Guest Writer

Hi! I’m Shruti, born and raised in India. I graduated from a hotel management school and then pursued my higher education specializing in Human Resource Management. Soon after, I began to work with the HRM team of one of the leading hotels. At first, I was heading the training department but eventually shifted my domain to HR in order to understand the other elements attached to HRM.

Now, I am a stay-at-home mom and learning how to cherish the small joys of life. I always try my best to find the lighter side of being a mom – even though we all know the fears and challenges that are a part of this journey. I thought I was prepared, and have found that it is more demanding than my long work hours, but also more gratifying than I had ever expected.

Come join me on my journey as I share my passion, my fears, my thoughts, my challenges, my happiness, and all that I experience in this life.

We also want to hear your joys, your trials, your errors, your experiences. As we mothers know, we are all in this together.

So, put on your Super-Mom cape and always remember- ‘CAKE’ is the key to your happiness.