The importance of color in: Branding Yourself

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Updated 20 October 2017

In my earlier blog “10 Reasons why you should start your Personal Branding now”, I stated to see yourself as a master brand. You might think…”OK, and now what?”….Well, marketeers of brands try to reach consumers by using marketing communication techniques and appeal them to buy the brand. Colors play a fairly important role. They let us instantly recognize and draw emotional associations to the brand. A color is the very first perception consumers have with a brand.

Now back to you.
The color of your brand: “YOU”, is an essential topic in your Personal story. Colors affect us in many ways and create a specific mood. Color sets the mood of brand expression. Having your audience in the most receptive mood is essential for your engagement with them. When choosing a color to represent yourself, you must think far beyond your personal, subjective preferences.
Ask yourself these questions: “What can this specific color do for me?”, “What kind of people am I going to meet”, “What do I and they care about”, “What mood do they need to be in to engage with me”?

An example of colors and how well-known brands have used them is shown here:

Properly chosen colors define your value, strengthen and support your brand positioning. Create awareness and recall. They distinguish you from others. Picking the right color should never be underestimated.

When 80% of the human experience is filtered through the eyes, we understand that the choice of color is critical. Source: Pantone

Color as a branding tool

When you have chosen a color that fits you, it becomes part of your Personal Branding. You can start using the color in your choice of clothing, accessories, makeup, nail polish or as accent colors on your curriculum vitae, your main colors on a personal website/blog, business cards, logo, etc.
More tips below.

For instance, when I was working on the design of this blog, I had a vision in my mind of how the website would look like. I wanted things that represent me. A clear design with not too many hodgepodges!
Me as a person…I make lists, note down lots of stuff. I file everything on my laptop (Yes, there are lots of maps! 🙂 ). My fashion style would probably tick the box “casual chic”. I love some simple statements, high heels or a fancy sandal. And I don’t wear that much jewelry except for one bracelet that has a special meaning to me.

To combine “ME” as a brand and the purpose of this blog, I created a feminine and simple look with an Asian touch. As you can see, my main color is pink with a purple hue. It’s a color I just love and funny enough it’s not a color I would directly wear for my clothes, but it had repeated itself already a couple of times in my life. The skin protector of my MacBook Pro, I bought some years ago, has that color. The accent color of my CV (updated every year) has it. Some bottles of nail polish and lipsticks have it. Old business cards had it too… So in my subconscious, it was already there. I hád to choose pink. A bright and powerful one.

Combined with one of my favorite, tropical and very feminine flowers the Orchid, (An Orchid symbolizes Love, Beauty, Fertility, Refinement, Thoughtfulness, and Charm) I really feel this represents me and will do justice to my blog and target group: “YOU”. I didn’t look up the psychologic meaning of the color pink before, but doing research for this blog post, I think it really fits well! What do you think? Let me know!

Pink represents unconditional and romantic love, compassion and understanding, nurturing, romance, warmth, hope, calming, sweetness, naiveté, feminine and intuitive energy.

Read more about other colors and the psychologic meaning behind it here.

Canva (the well known online design tool), has also a great page where they explain everything you need to know about colors, their meanings and the color combinations that can give inspiration for your next design.

Develop a strategy

Once you have picked a signature color for your personal brand, you need to identify it. You have to know the HEX (hexadecimal) and PMS (Pantone Matching System) values. A handy application you can install is the Chrome extension ColorZilla. With ColorZilla you can get a color reading from any point in your browser, quickly adjust this color and paste it into another program. You can analyze the page and inspect a palette of its colors and create advanced multi-stop CSS gradients.

Example ColorZilla

Visit the website to learn more about ColorZilla.

Once you know the Hex color, you can go to and look up more detailed information about the color and get suggestions for shades and tints in the same color range. Related colors and a complementary color. Or see examples of different backgrounds and other very helpful information.

Below is an example of Asia Signature’s Hex color.

Example Color-Hex

Ideas to apply Personal Brand colors

Like I mentioned before, you can use your signature color as follows:

  • In your choice of clothing
  • Wear statement accessories, makeup and/or nail polish carrying the color
  • Use as an accent color on your curriculum vitae
  • Use it on your personal website/blog/vlog
  • Design business cards and logo with your brand color

AND hereby more ideas…

  • Use it on all your social media channels and add it to your profile. Think of cover photo’s, backgrounds, fonts.
  • Use it on thumbnails of videos and the covers of documents include your LinkedIn summary and experiences.
  • YouTube lets you choose the color palette of your channel or completely customize it, so use it if you have your own channel
  • Apply the color to your email signature
  • Develop Word/Pages, Powerpoint/Keynote or any other documents which include your brand color
  • Buy covers for your phone and laptop with your color
  • Have your stationery in your color, like pens, clips, stapler, scissor, writing map, notebooks, etc.
  • Use colored envelopes
  • Use the color on any giveaways

Good luck!

If you want more information, need professional advice or support, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Looking forward to hearing which color you’ve chosen as your personal branding color!

20 thoughts on “The importance of color in: Branding Yourself

  1. Interessant artikel! Over die kleuren en logo’s had ik nog niet nagedacht, maar toen ik dat plaatje zag met al die merken en kleuren + wat ze wilden uitstralen, vond ik het wel aardig kloppen. X A

  2. Ik wist dat helemaal niet van die logo’s net betekenis van kleur! Echt leuk om te zien hoe dat werkt. Kleuren zeggen inderdaad veel over je persoonlijkheid. Leuk interessant stukje heb je geschreven.

    1. Dank voor het lezen. Soms leuk om even bij stil te staan als je een bepaald merk ziet en kijken of de kleur idd past bij de boodschap

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