Travelling with your Kid – THINK AGAIN!!!


Need a break? Planning a vacation? AND you have a kid (baby/toddler/preschooler/whatever) the love of your life. How adorable! No Problem, as a mom of a super active kid, who loves to travel, here are 5 TIPS on how to make your trip FUN and EXCITING.


TIP 1: Don’t… just don’t do it

The best way to have a nice vacation with your kid is NOT to have one. Why, you ask? Because they are so UNPREDICTABLE. You think you know but actually, you have no idea how difficult things will become while travelling. Things that you don’t even consider to be things will nearly be impossible when you travel with kids. Like ‘leaving the hotel room’ or ‘boarding the plane’.


All he wants to do is stay at the airport- that’s his Disneyland.

TIP 2: Don’t get too Excited

So you have made up your mind. You want to go on a vacation and RELAX. You want to enjoy and have an amazing time. Oh no no! Don’t get too excited. Set realistic goals. A vacation for you is just a change in place. You WILL have to feed them, bathe them, carry them, keep them away from danger, and will have to answer to their 1000’s ‘who, when, why, where?. EXCITING!?! Why would you want to spend money and do the same things 5000 miles away when you can just sit at home and do the same?



TIP 3: Right Destination

Now that you are a parent all you can think about is finding a good place for your holidays that not only is relaxing but also baby/kid friendly. Awww, if our little babies can enjoy their vacations that would mean the world to us. Right? So places that are too hot, too cold, requires hiking, trekking, life jackets, or any fancy restaurants where you want to enjoy yourself, and many others are the places to AVOID. Zoo, Aquariums, Bird Parks- Definitely something that our kids will enjoy and absolutely worth the travel and money. 😐

Tip 4: Packing

Be it diapers, food, clothes or games to keep them ‘occupied’. Always have a backup. Don’t be too confident, and think you are prepared. You can’t underestimate your kid and the number of things that can go wrong.


Note to self: Never ever forget his favourite monster cup. NEVER

Tip 5: Be Prepared

  1. Be prepared as your kid might poop just when the seatbelt signs are on and you won’t be allowed to get up till its off. The LOOKS from other passengers will make you sink into your seat (and also make you laugh).
  2. Be prepared if your kid’s all-time favourite breakfast (read pancakes) becomes their least favourite when you are on a holiday and all they want to eat is french fries for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  3. Be prepared if your kid hates the zoo, aquarium and the bird park. Totally worth your time, money and effort- Isn’t it!!

Still, want to travel? then GOOD LUCK & HAPPY TRAVELING!!

Just kidding!! It’s always amazing travelling with our little explorers. Our sweet, adorable, cute little monsters kids. FUN AREN’T THEY!!! Do share with us your strange/funny experiences while you were on a holiday with your kid in the comment section below.

Happy Holidays.

22 thoughts on “Travelling with your Kid – THINK AGAIN!!!

  1. This is a hilarious post! I love how honest you are. I don’t have children yet but I love how your post conveys the realities of parenting. I can only imagine traveling with kids one day and all that it entails. I’ve seen posts on how you can travel with your kids, how “perfect” it is, and tips for how to do it, but I don’t buy it. Your post really shows the reality of it and how there is so much to consider.

    1. So nice of you,thank you.I believe that we can’t ignore the reality but can always spice it up with a little humor.😊

  2. I don’t have kids yet, but I had so much fun reading this. Loved tip #1 🙂 🙂 I tell my sister that all the time…and she never listens anyway! I really love your writing 🙂

  3. I have never tried traveling with my daughter. It doesn’t sound fun at all. lol! It sounds like a stressful, expensive way to yell at my kid. This is a great post!

  4. Love this! I took my then 1.5 year old flying from Hawaii to Indiana with a layover in San Fran. While we were at the airport, he decided it was time to have leaky diaper syndrome not once or twice but THREE times! He went through every back up outfit in my carryon and then I had to buy a souvenir San Fran shirt in adult small when I was out of clothes that he wore like a dress till we got to Indy and got into our checked bags.

  5. Very well written. Can completely relate to it. Its not only small kids and toddlers, in fact went thru all these with my grown up!!

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